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Social Dating is a refreshing new way to make friends and improve your social life

  • Use it to find people into the same things as you
  • Use it to find events and activities perfect for getting to know someone
  • Access our forums and groups to find out what is popular and new
  • Share your experiences with your network! (Facebook meets Dating)


  1. You don’t have to be a member to use the search function.
  2. Creating profile is free but only paid members can contact other members or create / participate in forums and user groups.
  3. is a directory of dating idea’s. Search by Activity and not only find people into the same things as you but also businesses providing that service.
Individual Membership is $6.75 per month. This fee will reoccur until you cancel. Early Bird / Introduction membership currently free for 90 days.
Business Membership is $11.50 per month. First month free then this fee will reoccur until you cancel.

Key search features

  1. You only need to use the search fields that are of interest to you. If you are open to age / sex, and also want to get ideas on things to do, why not search on location and activity only!
  2. Depending on your device or browser you may need to hold down the Ctrl button to select multiple Activities.

Profile Fields

  1. All profile fields can be edited under the profile tab on your profile. This appears below your image.
  2. Only the information and sections you complete will appear i.e. if you don’t list your physical attributes that section won’t appear
  3. You can select what information is available to other members or restrict details to friends only.
  4. To select multiple activities of interest hold down the “Ctrl” key while you select.
  5. Under “About Me” describe yourself in as much detail as you can. In particular it would be useful to explain your stage in life and why social dating appeals to you.
  6. If you are a business note that the Description profile fields are not required.


It’s slightly misleading but to add a to a group discussion you must click on the “Forum” tab under that group. The ‘What’s New…” won’t create a new posting as it suggests.


Privacy & Security

  • We will never provide any of your details to a third party such as marketing companies.
  • While profile cannot be hidden you can limit the information that is shown and who it is shown to.
  • You can also block members from sending you messages.
  • This website is encrypted using industry standard TLS (SSL) technology
  • Payments are made using Stripe Inc. software. Your data is never on our server and is highly secure. For more information visit

Terms of Service

  • Membership is provided on a monthly basis.
  • You may cancel at anytime although there will be no refund for part months.
  • Any members found to post offensive or inappropriate messages / images will have those offending items removed and risk being banned. No refund will be provided in such an instance.
  • Memberships renew automatically unless cancelled.


  • Our team can be contact either directly via the contact form or you may leave feedback or suggestions via the Forum. Response times may vary but will endeavour to respond with 24 hours.


  • Social Dating is not responsible for inaccurate or misleading content on profiles. If you have an issue with information provided by any of our business listings please let us know and we will contact the relevant advertiser to correct or withdraw information.
  • Any personal information provided is not checked for validity and it’s a case of buyer beware.
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